It’s obvious that the political landscape is only getting more contentious, and advertising in the space is increasingly competitive.

With spending in the 2022 midterms projected to be on par with the 2020 presidential election at a record-setting $9 Billion, it’s more important than ever to approach your advertising with an informed and empowered strategy that leverages the potential of omnichannel.

AUDIENCEX and our partners at Magnite and Vistar Media recently discussed the political advertising landscape in this pivotal midterm year. We looked at the challenges that political advertisers are facing in this cycle and how traditional advertising can best be supported by adopting new tactics and channels across the full digital ecosystem. We also explored the strategies most effective in finding the correct audience and engaging them meaningfully in an increasingly fragmented digital landscape.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hear from strategists and channel experts with extensive insight in this uniquely challenging space.


Senior Director of Marketing, AUDIENCEX


Head of Specialized Demand, Magnite

Head of Channel Partnerships, Vistar Media



Political Advertising in an Omnichannel Landscape

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