When Apple rolled out their new iOS 14 update in late 2020, it came with some updated privacy settings for consumers, requiring users to explicitly opt-in to sharing their data with any app on their phone.

In addition to giving consumers more control over their data, these new policies will have a definite impact for mobile advertisers. One of the hardest hit and largest mobile advertisers is Facebook, which boasts over 2.45 billion global users, 81% of which only access the site via their mobile devices.

Join Chris Clark, Director of Search & Social at AUDIENCEX, as he explains the impact Facebook advertisers are going to face due to Apple’s iOS 14 updates. He will cover the current situation, what this means for existing campaigns, and what steps Facebook advertisers should take now.  


Director, Search & Social  | AUDIENCEX


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How will iOS 14 impact Facebook advertisers? 

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